Publication and Communication

CEDAC’s Publishing and Communications program was created since 1998, one year later he organization’s founding. Since January 1999, CEDAC has published an annual bulletin for small farming households in Cambodia on best practices and promising farmer initiatives.
The P&C program spreads information on sustainable agriculture at both the local and international levels. Through a variety of different marketing mediums, information is shared about organizational achievements and agricultural innovations. Key awareness campaigns include the publication of a monthly Farmer Magazine (FM) and weekly radio broadcasts on other mass-media in Cambodia.


To promote the dissemination of agriculture innovations, P&C works in the field to learn about innovative farming techniques for the FM and Farmer’s Experience Book. These publications feature a variety of agricultural techniques as well as information on cooperatives, successful life experiences, self-development principles and other social knowledge.
In addition to these publication, P&C also produces documentary films on subjects including agricultural techniques (fish raising, green manure, SRI), the effects of chemical inputs, escaping poverty, savings for self-reliance.

Farmer Magazine:

Since January 1999, CEDAC has published the monthly magazine Kasekor, or Farmer Magazine, featuring articles on sustainable agriculture techniques. Starting from 500 copies per month, CEDAC now publishes 7,000 copies per month for distribution throughout Cambodia. In addition, CEDAC produces the Farmer and Nature booklet series to document and disseminate selected practices in sustainable agriculture.


To increase local access to publications on farming, the CEDAC library hosts a diverse array of materials on topics related to social development, the environment and agriculture issues. The library at CEDAC headquarters is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm.
The library features materials on training, energy, fisheries, food processing, general agriculture, general economics, the environment, rural economics, anthropology, agricultural technique, and veterinary issues…
The library is an important resource for university students, government staff, NGO staff, related businesses and other relevant sectors.


To extend the reach of its media, P&C also hosts a weekly radio program enitled “Green Life” on FM 106.5 MHz on Thursday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
This program aims to provide farmers and CEDAC staff members to share experiences and knowledge on household ecological agriculture techniques and their environmental and health benefits for both producers and consumers. The program also discusses relevant social and economic news stories. Radio listeners can call in, talk and share their experience related to the discussion topic and send their favorite song to their friends and relatives.
In additional, CEDAC hosts a monthly television program namely Internet Talk on CTN channel on various topics related to CEDAC’s development activities and agriculture information.

The publishing program works to ensure that materials on ecological agriculture and local development in Khmer language are readily available to farmers and stakeholders interested in agriculture.