Technical Support Program

The main activities of the program are to provide training and development-oriented research consultancy services, especially on agriculture production, community development and organization, and agriculture cooperatives. This work is done on a contract basis to clients as well as for internal development projects at CEDAC, including both long-term and short-term services.

  • Training Service: as a part of its consultancy service, CEDAC provides training courses to farmers, community members, NGO staff, and private farmers. These training courses cover various topics primarily related to agriculture techniques and community development, including rice production/SRI, post-harvest management, animal raising, organic vegetable cultivation, integrated farming, small business, farmer/community organization, savings groups, agriculture cooperatives, etc.
  • Exchange Visit Services: CEDAC also hosts exchange visits for NGOs, schools, and private entities working in Cambodia and abroad. These visits are usually organized for those interested in observing CEDAC’s success in the field with extension projects and farmers/community organization. The visitors typically spend one or several days in the field meeting with individual farmers or community groups who have successfully cooperated with CEDAC in the past. We also organize field visits for tourists interested in agrarian livelihoods and who would enjoy farming and culture-related activities with villagers.
  • Research services:  These services include project feasibility studies, baseline survey, and monitoring and evaluation studies.

Previous TRP projects

Below is a list of our past experiences in providing training services and hosting exchange visits with our partners