Organization and Staff

CEDAC’ s organization includes the following governance bodies:

  • General Assembly (GA): Meets on an annual basis; consists of all current CEDAC staff members
  • Board of Directors (BoD): Composed of seven members who are elected from outside of CEDAC every three years by the GA; two members of the BoD are representatives from Farmer and Nature Net (FNN)  
  • CEDAC Steering Committee (CSC): Consists of nine members who are elected by CEDAC staff members every two years by the GA
  • CEDAC Executive Committee (CEC): Composed of representatives from all departments/units of the organization; meets on a weekly basis to review and coordinate the daily activities of the organization
  • CEDAC Core Team (CCT): Consists of core leadership staff members of CEDAC; meets once per quarter to review the progress of CEDAC and direct the organizations strategic plan

As of December 2016, there were 89 people including 26 women working with CEDAC (58 people or 65.17% work as technical staff and another 31 people or 34.83% work as administration/supporting staff).

The majority of CEDAC s staff is recruited from new graduates who undergo a six-month internship program with CEDAC in the field of agriculture and rural development.


1. Mr. Ung Dara Rat Moni (Chairman)
Currently, Mr. Ung Dara Rat Moni is working as Agriculture Portfolio and Policy Advisor with UNDP and IFAT. He was the former Country Representative of GRET during the first year of CEDAC s foundation. Since 2001, he has been elected to be the Chairman of CEDAC s Board of Director for two consecutive terms (each term is for 3 years).

2. Mr. Phin Sopheap
Currently, Mr. Phin Sopheap is a PhD student in Philippines. He has been a member of CEDAC s board since 2000.

3. Dr. Mak Solieng
Dr. Mak Solieng is working as Freelance Consultant and Cives Mundi Country Representative. She has been a member of CEDAC s Board of Directors since 2001. She has 15 years of working and consultancy experience with various national and international institutions in the areas of planning, strategic environmental assessment, research, rural development, evaluation and training.

4. Miss Khou Somatheavy
Miss. Khou Somatheavy is the Director of Health Unlimited, an International NGO. She was elected to the board of CEDAC during the CEDAC General Assembly in December 2004.

5. Mr Bou Saroeun
Mr Bou Saroeun is working as a Communication Officer at the World Bank Cambodia Country office. He was elected as a board member of CEDAC in 2004.

6. Mr. Oun Sophal
Mr. Oun Sophal is the president of the Farmer and Nature Net. He was invited to be a member of CEDAC s Board of Directors in December 2008.

7. Mrs. Khoun Sey
Mrs. Khoun Sey is the treasurer of the Farmer and Nature Net. She was invited to be a member of CEDAC s Board of Directors in December 2008.


1. Mr. Sam Vitou, Executive Director
2. Mr. Keam Makarady, Field Operational Program manager
3. Mrs. Tong Chantheang, Technical Support Program Manager
4. Mr. Oum Savin, Financial Manager
5. Mr. Tath Sok, HR Manager
6. Mr. Pol Samath, Project Coordinator