The Premier of the documentary film “My Food, My Health- Where does our Food come from?

On December 20th, 2012, CEDAC, in cooperation with Coraa and GIZ, organized the premier of the documentary film “My Food, My Health- Where does our Food come from?” at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), Phnom Penh. 80 people, including representatives from farmer producer groups in four provinces, consumers, students, journalists and staff members from CEDAC, Coraa and GIZ attended the event. The objective of the film is to raise public awareness of food safety and organic agriculture and to promote “food-care” amongst consumers and the public.

Following the screening of the film, a Q&A session was help with the participants. Mr. Eberhardt, the Cambodia country director of GIZ, remarked, “there is no health without good food.” He later added:  “It is not enough to buy fresh food, but we should also make sure that the ingredients we buy are not contaminated with poisonous insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxic products used to artificially modify or improve the meat, fruits and vegetables we consume. Therefore it is important to promote organic products exempt from these unsafe ingredients that could even lead to hospitalization in some extreme cases.”

All participants learned about food safety and organic agriculture. Moreover, they came to understand the importance of the “food-care,” especially the need to do things like check the source of their food before buying in the future.This documentary film will be freely broadcasted in schools and universities to inform students of the necessity of taking care of their health by following a simple but efficient diet, consisting in a high percentage of fresh, organic food.