CEDAC attends writeshop on translating research findings into knowledge accessible to extension workers and farmers

From  November  12-14,  2012,  Mr.  Him  Khortieth,  CEDAC  Communication  Officer,  attended  the writeshop in Borgor, Indonesia, on translating research findings into knowledge accessible to extension workers  and  farmers.  The  writeshop  was  organized  by  The  Network  for  Knowledge  Transfer  on Sustainable  Agricultural  Technologies  and  Improved  Market  Linkages in South and  Southeast  Asia (SATNET). The aim of the writeshop was to enhance the capacity of organizations working in research and development to identify the most compelling findings from their work, and package, present and disseminate these findings to the right audience. 16 people working in the area of agricultural research in Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and Myanmar attended this writeshop.

During the writeshop, participants had the opportunity to enhance their communication skills, share best practices,  learn to write targeted  knowledge  products such as factsheets and better engage in policy dialogue to influence  their key stakeholders.  It  was also an opportunity  to strengthen  the SATNET network.

The inability to translate research findings into knowledge accessible to farmers and extension staff is a common problem in the region, with researchers and farmers/extension workers often speaking different languages .

As a result, all participants gained an understanding of: knowledge issues and gaps between research and extension; communication skills necessary to write for a targeted audience; the production of technology factsheets; and building a stronger relationship between researchers as a basis for networking and sharing good practices through SATNET Asia.