Training Workshop for ISCW-KT project

From 18 to 19 October 2012, Dr.Yang Saing Koma, President of CEDAC and Mr. Tath Sok, CEDAC Program Coordinator, organized a training workshop for the beneficiaries of the “Improvement of Socioeconomic Condition of Women in Kratie (ISCW-KT)” project in Chet Borey and Sambor districts, Kratie province. In total, there were 97 people including 57 women from 28 villages and 14 communes who attended this training workshop. The objectives of the training workshop were to

•    Sum up the progress and experiences of saving groups
•    Discuss the possible activities to be continued after the completion of the project
•    Prepare the district management structure for farmers at the district level to ensure these activities continue

The training workshop addressed the progress of the savings group, best practices for saving groups, problems and solutions in savings groups, the concept of a rice mill cooperative (RMC), the concept of savings, the difference in habits between the rich and the poor, the progress of RMC at the national level, and the progress and 3 years planning of RMC per district. Moreover, the participants also elected the RMC committee for the district level.

As a result, the community members gained more confidence and trust in CEDAC regarding the rice mill cooperative initiative, especially after Dr. Koma addressed the long term vision of CEDAC for rural development, including the focus on SRI, RMC, and savings. Moreover, nine district members of RMC committee in two districts were elected with the hope that around 160 farmers per district will join the RMC by the end of this year and the collective capital of saving group will increase incrementally.