CEDAC attends the Second Network Meeting of SATNET Asia

From February 12-13, 2013, Mr. Him Khortieth, CEDAC Communications Officer, attended the Second Network Meeting of The Network for Knowledge Transfer on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies and Improved Market Linkages in South and Southeast Asia (SATNET Asia) in Bogor, Indonesia. With the cooperation of the Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA) and the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the meeting aimed to:

•    Discuss the analytical work being conducted by SATNET Asia partners
•    Review the progress of activities and discuss on improvements to be made
•    Introduce commitments for activities in Year 2 and a timeline for their implementation
•    Produce recommendations for improving coordination and communication of SATNET Asia activities.

During the meeting, which gathers all SATNET Asia Partners and Associates, many presentations were given on a variety of topics, including: analytical work being conducted by the Project, the progress being made in the implementation of activities, and planning for capacity building workshop for year 2 and 3.

Following the SATNET Asia Network meeting this year, a High-level Policy Dialogue on Technology Transfer for Smallholder Farmers took place on February 13, 2013 with aims to provide a discussion forum for policymakers, scientists and practitioners to address the challenge of technology transfer to smallholder farmers in the Asia-Pacific region. This dialogue was expected to influence the following set of outcomes:

•    Increased levels of knowledge and awareness of policymakers on challenges and options related to facilitating of sustainable agricultural technologies by smallholder farmers in the Asia-Pacific region.
•    Strengthened science-policy interface in the area of research and development that promotes technology transfer and adaptation to sustainably intensify food production, ensure food security, reduce poverty and preserve the environment in Asia and the Pacific.
•    Enhance South-South cooperation among participants through sharing of experience and best practices.

During the dialogue, a combination of statements and presentations took place with interactive discussions to address technology transfer and its adoption. Moreover, the successful experiences around the Asia-Pacific region were demonstrated.

As a result, CEDAC was selected as a main partner to organize the capacity building workshop for the years 2013 and 2014. For those workshops, three in-country training courses will take place in Cambodia and one residential training course will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.