CEDAC organize its General Assembly Meeting

On Tuesday February 11th, 2013, CEDAC held its General Assembly (GA) Meeting at the Cambodian Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) in Phnom Penh. The meeting was attended by 126 participants, of whom 30 were women, and included CEDAC staff members and Farmers and Nature Net (FNN) representatives.

A presentation on CEDAC’s progress and major accomplishments in 2012 opened the meeting. According to Mr. Sim Samoeun, Executive Director of CEDAC, “There are more than 150,000 families of small-scale farmers in 22 provinces of Cambodia are enjoying their better living condition with the increased productions and incomes through our direct implementation of 165 development projects since 1997 (including 26 projects in 2012).” “Moreover,” he added, “CEDAC has facilitated the creation of 1,329 savings groups in 14 provinces with 39,086 members and over 12 million USD saving capital.”
The other topics addressed at this meeting include the personal and professional development of CEDAC staff members and CEDAC’s ten year strategic plan (S22), as well as its investment plan for the National Rice Mill Machine.
Regarding staff development, Mr. Tath Sok, Program Coordinator of CEDAC, have a presentation about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective.  CEDAC President Dr. Yang Saing Koma provided further explanation of this topic and added ‘habit number 8’:  find you own voice and to inspire others to find theirs. Finally, Dr. Koma went over the ten-year strategic plan (S22) which will focus on the promotion and implementation of the Sre Khloem program and the investment of CEDAC in a National Rice Mill Cooperative in 2013.
As a result, all participants gained a better understanding of S22, the Sre Khloem program and professional development.