Consumer Field Trip to Organic Vegetable Producer Groups

On 23rd March 2013, CEDAC, with funding support from GIZ, organized a Consumer Field Trip to organic farm in Kampong Speu province. The 30 participants included consumer representatives from CEDAC shops, CEDAC staff members, GIZ staff members, media representative (Hang Meas and CNC TV). The objective of the field trip was to bring customers and farmers together to exchange the information, share experiences, and build trust and relationships between consumers and producers that enable them to see their mutual interests and understand each other better.

The participants visited two organic vegetables producer groups in Kaheng and Oveng village in Kaheng commune, Samrang Tong district, kampong Speu province. During the visit, Mr. Christian Fink, technical advisor of CEDAC, gave a presentation about success the film “My Food My Health”, which focuses on the question “Where does your food come from?” He gave an overview of the rules and principles that CEDAC farmers must follow to guarantee the quality of the production.

During the visit, the consumers met with farmers and farm owners to ask questions regarding the vegetable cultivation. Moreover, the journalists interviewed farmers about their success as the organic vegetables producers. The consumer thanked the farmers for their work and the farmers responded by thanking consumers for supporting their organic products.

Both visitors and farm owners were very happy to share their experiences. The all enjoyed the discussion with the organic producer groups and especially the visit to the farm, where they could see first hand how organic production system cares for human health and environment. All participants thanked CEDAC and GIZ for organizing the field trip and committed to sharing the knowledge they gained with other consumers.