Study Tour for Organic Vegetable Producers

From 25-29 March, 2013, CEDAC with funding support from GIZ, organized a study tour for its organic vegetable producers in Siem Reap province. 30 people participated, including organic vegetable farmer producers, CEDAC staff members, SAHAKREAS CEDAC representatives and GIZ staff members. The study tour took place in various vegetable farms of different organizations, including Red Green Belt Organization, Agrisud Organization, Gret Project, Mr. Yakov’s farm and Excellence Green House Vegetable.

CEDAC’s organic vegetable producers gained new knowledge from the presentations by representatives from each organization. Topics included how to find a new markets for products, how to maintain markets, and how to build good relationships with coordinators, middleman and the market. Moreover, the farmers learned about the different techniques for growing different kinds of vegetables to supply or response to the market needs.

After visiting the farms, the participants visited Angkor Wat temple to learn about history and network with farmer groups from other provinces.