CEDAC & SRI: Empowering Women in Asia

Food Tank has recognized CEDAC’s work promoting SRI as one of “Seven Asian Initiatives Empowering Women.” The organization’s web site commended CEDAC for promoting the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), which improves soil fertility while reducing dependence on chemical inputs. Food Tank also remarked upon CEDAC’s other agricultural innovations, such as Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR) and Multi-Purpose Farming (MPF).

Women are often most impacted by the harmful effects of agri-chemicals, not only in farming but also in food preparation, child rearing and as healthcare providers. Additionally, many SRI principals specifically benefit women, such as transplanting younger seedlings, which reduces women’s workloads.

Many of CEDAC’s development projects are centered around promoting women’s livelihoods, such as the ongoing project “Women, Food and Citizenship” in Mondulkiri province, in partnership with Cives Mundi. Furthermore, in all of its initiatives, CEDAC incorporates a gender component and seeks to empower female farmers and woman-headed households. These efforts include training women as Farmer Promoters in their communities, promoting women to leadership positions within local organizations and government bodies, and organizing women’s savings groups—which double as forums to discuss gender issues and share knowledge.

Learn more about our work with women on the CEDAC website.

Food Tank is a U.S.-based think tank focused on global food system issues. The organization also recently named CEDAC as one of the world’s top 40 organizations “shaking up the food system.” CEDAC would like to express our gratitude for the continued recognition. We look forward to collaborating with Food Tank (and the other initiatives that made the list) in the future.