Three Young Graduates to Start Up their Own Farm Business

With support from CEDAC, three fresh graduates have started their own organic farm business in Takeo province. After having participated in CEDAC’s Young Agri-Entrepreneur (YAE) Program for than six months, during which they were trained on agriculture techniques and studied with farmers about practical farming techniques, three young graduates became very interested in the agriculture and decided to invest together in their own organic farm business. The farm is located in Dakpo village, Beungtranh Khangtbong commune, Tramkok district, Takeo province.

26 year-old Sry Tola, one of the group’s members, proudly says that, “I see a huge opportunity in organic farm business, since most people don’t like the job and there is an increasing demand for organic product in the market”. Most of my friends they like to work for a company or factory where they wish to work in the office. But for us, we love the field and agriculture work.  Mr. Tola says that he and two of his friends have now started working on two hectares of his 10 hectare farm land. With technical and financial assistance from CEDAC, they have begun planting multi-purpose trees including moringa, neem, and Kassod tree and others  to sell to farmers and consumers through CEDAC SAHKREAS shops.

“According to my business plan, we could earn 3000-7000 USD per month from our organic farm,” Mr. Tola said. He adds that he and his business partners are happy with the work, because beside the income they will earn, the business will also help to provide jobs to local farmers and rural youth. Moreover, he is optimistic to help supplying healthier food to the market for the consumers. “Hopefully, the social economy will also be improved by reducing the amount of imported products from neighboring countries.” In the future, Mr. Tola wants to be an organic farm manager to an even larger farm proving more jobs for rural youth and supplying healthier food to customers. Mr. Tola would like to thank CEDAC for providing him the chance to study with the program and become an  organic farm business professional, which was his dream. For a brighter future, Mr. Tola encourages all young graduates to participate in any available short course training and to spend more time learning from farmers.

It is important to note that since 1998, CEDAC has organized training for 22 generations of young graduates, specializing in courses for development professionals. From 2012 onwards, CEDAC’s courses will focus more on careers in organic farming.
According to CEDAC President Dr. Yang Saing Koma, in the next ten years “CEDAC plans to expand the YAE program to reach another 10,000 rural youth to become dynamic catalysts in agricultural and rural development.”