CEDAC Opens its 2013 Prize Program

To encourage rice farmers and farming communities to promote development based on a self-reliance approach, CEDAC is announcing its annual Prize Program for 2013, which will focus on two main targeted groups: (1) a prize for SRI (System of Rice Intensification) farmers and (2) a prize for communities demonstrating outstanding progress toward self-reliance. The competition will take place over the span of an entire year. The three best SRI farmers and five best-developed communities will receive top prizes, receiving awards of 3 cows and 4 million riel, respectively. The final winners will be announced by CEDAC in early 2014.
Since the announcement of CEDAC’s Prize Program in 2013, there are approximately 50 rice farmers registered to compete for the prize.
According to CEDAC President Dr. Yang Saing Koma “I am curious to know about the record rice yields produced by our rice farmers. With the help of our CEDAC team, I will try to get at least 100 strong rice farmers to join the competition and set a national record on rice yield by using the principles and methods of SRI”.