Review meeting with Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs

From 6-7 July 2013, CEDAC organized a six month meeting with 10 Young Agricultural Professionals from four different farms supported by CEDAC. The objectives of the meeting were to review the progress of the vegetable cultivation in each farm and to plan for the next semester planting.

CEDAC President Dr. Yang Saing Koma says that the Young Agri-Entrepreneurs (YAE) are on the right track in terms of technical, personal and leadership management. However, he added that for the future of professional farming, the YAE need to demonstrate more patience, persistence, and self-confidence.

After the meeting, fieldwork took place in Sla Kou farm, Samrong district, Takeo province to observe where to plant and what varieties of vegetables to experiment with this season. Through the event, the YAE gained more knowledge on how and when to plant each variety of vegetable for the market and how to produce higher yields and incomes.  It is important to note since 2007, 500 rural youths (including 217 women) have received vocational training from CEDAC through the YAE program.

Over the next ten years, CEDAC plans to expand its YAE program to reach an additional 10,000 rural youth and help them to become dynamic catalysts in agricultural and rural development.