CEDAC organizes final round selection for best SRI farmers 2013

CEDAC began introducing SRI to Cambodian farmers in 2000. Since then, CEDAC has been active in supporting farmer-to-farmer extension of SRI on a national scale. To reinforce SRI dissemination among farmers in Cambodia, CEDAC has initiated a SRI national prize open to all rice farmers in Cambodia.

During the 2013 rice farming season, 735 farmers registered to participate in the competition. After first round of evaluation at provincial level, 41 farmers from seven provinces were selected as finalists. On 6 May, 2014, CEDAC invited the 23 selected best rice farmers from seven provinces to participate in the final selection.

Each farmer made a presentation to the evaluation committee members, who took a number of factors into consideration. The committee consisted of 9 people, including three farmer representatives, two representatives from Provincial Departments of Agriculture and the General Directorate of Agriculture, one representative from the Kampong Cham National School of Agriculture, and three representatives from CEDAC.

The evaluation of the committee members focused on the following criteria

  • Yield achieved
  • Size of land area
  • Net income produced
  • Quality of records kept and presentation made by farmer
  • Farmer-to-farmer dissemination effects

As a result, three farmers were selected as best SRI farmers 2013.

  1. Mrs. Nhem Sovannary, farmer from Po Preahsang village, Ta Pham commune, Tramkak district in Takeo province, yield of 7.33 tons per ha.
  2. Mrs. Sarm Huot, farmer from Kantang Rang village, Rungroeung commune, Stong district in Kampong Thom province, yield of 5.6 tons per ha.
  3. Mrs. Voeun Tep, farmer from Bot Tasom village, Rungroeung commune, Stong district in Kampong Thom province, yield of 5.52 tons per ha.

The yield achieved by best farmer for a fragrant rice variety was 7.33 tons per ha, while the yield of fragrant rice with non-SRI methods of cultivation is usually around 2 tons per ha. Generally, farmers are reluctant to grow fragrant rice as the yields are low even the grain commands a higher price than for non-fragrant rice varieties. Thus, with SRI, farmers are more likely to grow fragrant rice for the market as they can get higher prices. A yield of 7 tons per ha gives a very good net return.

The first best farmer will receive 3 cows, the second best farmer will receive two cows, and the third best farmer will receive one cow.
CEDAC will organize official ceremony to award the prizes to the best farmers in August, 2014.
For the 2014 season, CEDAC invites farmers to register for the competition for the ‘best SRI farmer’ award for this year.